From: RJ Bulaong
Las Vegas
Tuesday, 2:39pm

Dear Enlightened Adventurer,

I'm really glad you found this site. You're about to discover the forbidden secrets of love, sex, & relationships!

Listen: I want to show you how you can have true unconditional love in your relationships (the kind that is genuine and lasts), have an amazingly happy and robust life, and attain the ultimate level of self-confidence and satisfaction...

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See you on the other side,

RJ Bulaong
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Rone John is a transformational leader, dating & relationships consultant, Las Vegas elite straight male escort, sexuality educator, & author of Relationships 101: Forbidden Secrets of Love, Sex...

His life's work educates, inspires, and empowers men and women to become comfortable and confident enough in themselves to be able to lead a life of sublime happiness and abundance.

He creates and leads transformational courses that guide people to self-mastery. Rone John's blend of linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, socio-biology, and design human engineering, combined with his in-depth understanding of attraction-wisdom, creates an integral learning environment for his students and an enjoyable experience for his clients.

A master trainer of neuro-linguistic programming, and a master of hypnotherapy, and timeline therapy, Rone John's company is a global academy offering powerful transformational lifestyle changes helping men and women to become more and more themselves annihilating their inhibitions, therefore capable of winning the game of life.